Many people have written to me and SixSigma asking various questions about Six Sigma certification. How can I get Six Sigma certified? Where can I get Six Sigma certified? Is Six Sigma certification transferable if I leave a company for another? The list goes on and on. This article will help answer these questions regarding the ubiquitous and confusing “Six Sigma certification” topic.


For instance, millions of people have applied for, tested and been granted a driver’s license in the United States. It certifies that a person has passed the minimum guidelines and requirements for driving. The individual must pass both a written and hands-on driving test in order to “certify.” Not all individuals in the United States, however, have the same proficiency in driving – even though they may have passed the tests and been granted a driver’s license. The same is true for Six Sigma certification. Certification alone does not summarize the worth of a true quality professional.