eddy current testing course in chennai, eddy current testing services in chennai, When a magnetic field cuts through metal, a current is induced. If a magnetic field cuts a wire in a closed circuit, a current is induced round the circuit. However if a magnetic field cuts through a sample of metal that is not connected to a circuit, an 'Eddy Current' is produced. This Eddy Current is localised in the metal, and has a flow pattern. The flow pattern is disturbed by discontinuities from the surface to a shallow depth of penetration. The method is quick and very sensitive. No contact with the metal is required. All metals may be subject to this form of testing.

We can provide Eddy Current training suitable for PCN/EN473/ISO 9712 Levels 1, 2, and 3, and ASNT Level 3. Alternatively we can provide training suitable for candidates working to an employer written practice based on SNT-TC-1A; EN4179 and NAS410. Eddy Current Testing is separated into three specific product sectors for certification purposes: Welds, Wrought Products (Forgings), and Tubes.

Below is an example of a syllabus that is used for Eddy Current training courses (we can make changes to a syllabus to satisfy the requirements of a specific written practice if necessary):


Level I

General Theory:



Specific Theory:


Application of the Method and use of Codes, Specifications and Procedures, applicable to the Company, including the relevant control checks.


Level II


General Theory:



General Theory:


Application of the Method to the Specific requirements of the Company, in particular making reference to those Codes, Specifications and Procedures used by the Company, including the relevant control checks.


Coding for ET Training Courses


INTRO/PRAC4 - 5 Days Practical Introduction to Eddy Current Testing (40 Hours)


General Theory:



Wrought Products (Forgings) Specific



Tube Testing Specific